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Poreč is the multiple champion of Croatian tourism. It's the town with the biggest number of awards, but also a town with an enormous cultural and historical heritage.
Located on the west coast of Istria, Poreč and its surrounding area counts 17,400 inhabitants. The Parisian Riviera starts at the Mirna river valley in the north and travels 37 km to the deep Lim Channel in the south.
The numerous islets and clean and well-arranged beaches are the trademark of Poreč. There are over 21 beaches that have a blue flag, a certificate from the international ecology program for the protection of the sea and coast.
A wide range of accommodation facilities and cultural events make Poreč a destination with offers for every guest's taste. Poreč also has its own sports and entertainment offer. The town is well known as being a favourite location for pre-season training for professional and amateur sports persons, as well as a place where you can have some great fun in the summer bars and clubs.
Poreč and its surrounding areas also offer many excellent restaurants. Besides the delicious seafood dishes prepared from freshly caught fish, the restaurants offer continental cuisine and Istrian specialties, which are best enjoyed with white Malvasia wine or red Merlot or Teran, all of them products of this coastal region.
Poreč is not a classical tourist centre that only offers its visitors hotels, beaches, the sea and the sun. Poreč is a place with a long and turbulent history that has kept the traces of its past in its old town centre.
Poreč has one of the most magnificent early Byzantine churches in Europe called Euphrasius’ Basilica, which is built in 553 and is a part of UNESCO’s universal cultural heritage.

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