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The area of the Municipality of Višnjan is situated in the inland part of the Western Istria and covers a 20 km wide belt and it consists of 54 villages and settlements.
It is facing the sea, and thus suitable for the cultivation of vines, olives and cereals, which are, at the same time, the main cultures growing on the Municipality fields.
In accordance with climatic conditions, precipitation, amount of sun, winds and soil composition, the population of Višnjan are mainly engaged in agriculture and animal rearing, which, at the same time, forms the economic base of this area.
Walking from the sun-dial in the Antun Korlević Park towards the old part of Višnjan you can experience the spirit of the rich historical heritage of this town. Every stone, every town corner will speak about its history and every family can tell you a legend or a true story about this small town.
During the past 15 years, Višnjan became one of the world's most prolific discovery sites for the small bodies in the Solar System- More than 1400 minor planets have been discovered in Višnjan Observatory. The Observatory, up to mid 2005, registered 1,750 discoveries of asteroids, among which some 1,400 had primary characteristics and on 17th September 2005, the count of numbered asteroids was 1,162.
It is this very data which put the Višnjan observatory among the twelve most prolific observatories in the world. Three comets were discovered from Višnjan, two of which were named by the persons who discovered them.

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