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The city of Mostar is situated in a beautiful valley bedded between high mountains of Herzegovina. It is thanks to the river Neretva that Mostar was able to develop as a city in the desert-like landscape of Herzegovina. Neretva’s size turned Mostar very early in to a trading centre of the region. What makes this city known is it’s famous bridge. The Old Bridge was built by the Ottoman empire in 1565. It was the great architect Mimar Hajrudin who had succeded with the impossible mission to cross the Neretva river with a single span stone bridge.
Mostar got its name after that same Bridge, or more precisely after the bridge keepers. Todays The Old Bridge is under UNESCO protection, since 2005.
They used to guard the bridge and were called "Mostari", thereby the city got its name.  Mostar’s population in 2003 was 105,448. With its hot summers and mild winters, Mostar is also one of Europe’s sunniest cities.
Bulevar street runs throug the heart of the city, running from north to south. During the war it used to be the front line between Bosnian and Croats. Today one can still see the scares from the war on the buildings of the street, but the buildings are slowly but surely rebuilding back to there former state.

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