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Elafiti Islands
Elaphiti islands is a small archipelago consisting of several islands stretching northwest of Dubrovnik. The Elafiti islands have a total land area of around 30 square kilometers and a population of 850 inhabitants. The islands are covered with characteristic Mediterranean evergreen vegetation and attract large numbers of tourists during the summer tourist season due to their beaches and pristine scenery.
Only three islands are inhabited – Šipan, Lopud and Koločep. The Island of Koločep is the one closest to Dubrovnik. The crystal azure sea abounds with fish and shellfish. The dwellers of Koločep used to be the best-known coral divers in the Mediterranean, but today they seldom dive and only for pleasure. The one standing in the middle is the Island of Lopud, which abounds with beautiful sandy beaches. Nature is not the only one who was generous to Lopud. The island also abounds with forts, little churches, summer residences and monasteries housing valuable works of art. The biggest and most inhabited, the Island of Šipan has a large number of vineyards and olive groves. The inner side of the island abounds with shelters and natural anchorages of immense beauty, where the branches of pine trees reach the surface of the sea.

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